Upgrading ASA and ASDM Images

Step 1: Acquire the software from cisco.com.

Step 2: Check for free space

(it’s good to get the practice of doing this, especially for upgrading ASAs that are in production)

ciscoasa# show flash: | include free

Step 3: Open ASDM to

***NOTE*** is usually the default IP for ASAs, however, if yours is different, use the default IP your device is using

Step 4: Use ASDM to upload both ASDM and ASA images

  1. Tools > File Management > Between PC and Flash
  2. Drag and drop files from your computer location to ASDM

***NOTE*** There will be no username or password since this will be the first login.

Step 5: Remove current boot image with following command:

ciscoasa(config)# no boot system disk0:/asa982-lfbff-k8.SPA

Step 6: Add boot command to new image with following command:

ciscoasa(config)#  boot system disk0:/asa983-lfbff-k8.SPA

Step 7: Add boot command to boot old image as fallback with following command:

ciscoasa(config)#  boot system disk0:/asa982-lfbff-k8.SPA

Step 8: Remove old ASDM image with following command:

ciscoasa(config)#  no asdm image disk0:asdm-782.bin

Step 9: Add ASDM new image with the following command:

ciscoasa(config)#  asdm image disk0:asdm-792-152.bin

Step 10: Save your configuration

ciscoasa# write mem

Step 11: relaod box using:

ciscoasa# reload

Step 12: Verify you have the correct ASA and ASDM images once the box reloads

ciscoasa# show version | include image

ciscoasa# show asdm image

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